Types Of Diesel Fuel Pumps

If you go through the statistics, when every hundred cars are sold, you will at least find one car that has a diesel engine. If you are amongst those who prefers diesel engines, then it is important to know that what sort of diesel engine does your vehicle contains. Let’s find out the types of diesel control systems that are commonly found

  1. Common Rail Fuel Injection Pump: A common rail fuel injection pump is that type of a diesel engine which works as an game changing pipe Australia. This particular system is made to meet and fulfill the requirements of today’s exhaust gas regulations and rules. The engine consists of a supply pump, electronic injectors and common injectors along with sensors that help in determining the existing condition of the engine. 
  2. Distributor Rotary Fuel Injection Pump: This particular type of engine fuel pump also works electronically and contains sensors, actuator and a control unit that works electronically. Just like the common rail fuel injection pump, the sensors of the engine works to find out any problems in the condition of the engine and subsequently sends the desired signal to the control unit if anything goes wrong. Whereas, the actuator of the engine is instilled to control and monitor the quantity of fuel that is inserted and the timing of its performance according to the signals that are sent to the control unit.
  3. In line Fuel Injection Pump: This particular type of engine is mechanically controlled and is usually seen to be used for large or medium trucks and machinery that is required for construction purposes. The fuel pressure is driven by the camshaft that also injects quantity control aspects. The elements in this follow an injection order to inject fuel to all the engine cylinders.
  4. Distributor Injection Pump: Just like the in line fuel injection pump, a distributor injection pump is also controlled mechanically. It contains a single pressure mechanism despite the fact that no matter how many engine cylinders any vehicle may contain. The distributor injection pump is made in such a way which follows the injection order to divide and classify the pressurized fuel to every cylinder accordingly. This particular type of engine works best especially for cars that have smaller engines.

 All in all, it is very important for anyone who owns a car that has a diesel controlled system to know what type of exact fuel pump is important for the car and the details of that very particular type. It is crucial to understand each type because when your vehicle start giving you signals for replacement or any other requirements that needed, you need to be careful about it.