It’s lunchtime at work and you are absolutely starving. You grab your things and quickly head out the door, making a beeline towards your favourite spot in the town, following the smell of freshly grilled meat. Finally, you spot what you have been searching for; a brightly coloured food truck with a friendly face serving up delicious delights to a large queue of people. You hurry up to the truck, beaming at the chef, and is pleased to see that your loyalty as a customer means that your order is already ready. You grab your lunch and hurriedly open it to enjoy your daily guilty pleasure. 

More and more people are discovering the concept of street food, and it is now becoming the hip new agenda that is giving formal high-end restaurants a run for their money; literally. Popular for their simple yet authentic flavours, affordability, and inventive food, food trucks have become a craze all around the world. The success of food trucks world-wide has meant that more and more people whose dream it was to open their own restaurant, but could not afford to do so, are now choosing to open their dry own food trucks.

If you are one such individual, you may know already that there are several factors that must be considered when making your dream a reality.

Renting out a truck

Whether you choose to rent or purchase it outright, your food truck should be one of high quality and suited to your needs. Approach a company that specializes in the sale of galvanised trailers Brisbane, and discuss what you are looking for with them. They will assist you in finding the trailer that is best suited for you.

Furthermore, if you can afford it, for a more authentic feel and a truck that will make a statement, you could opt for a custom-made trailer. This will allow you to include your own additions, such as extra space for ingredient storage and stove tops, and perhaps even a safe to store your money.

Adding your own personal touch

Your goal is to make your truck stand out from the rest. Come up with a creative and catchy name that customers will remember, for your truck. Choosing to paint and decorate your food truck with bright and eye-catching details will help you stand out.

Additionally, small details such as giving out paper napkins that have your logo printed on it, with the food, will help you market your product in a subtle yet effective way.

Although there are many more details to consider when launching your own food truck, your main goals would be to get the truck and to stand out from the rest. Once these are achieved, serving up good food that speaks from the heart will be the best way in which to keep your new business running.