Camping is fun, when you know how to prepare for it. It is one of the best trips away from home, yet one that could also be the worst one ever! But this could only happen if you don’t have everything you need with you beforehand or if you get chased by bears (depending on your luck)! While most people enjoy being away from all those digital screens, the others are probably dying without the oxygen they call, Wi-Fi! Nevertheless, it is a great form of rejuvenating and making changes within yourself, and it is one of the best ways of distancing yourself from the never ending screens that you are used to. However, if you don’t prepare for it well, this trip would probably stink for you! Here are some things that will definitely guarantee the worst trip ever, so be sure to avoid them!

Picking out the wrong sized tentTents along with tent pegs, are one of the most essential things in a camp out trip. It is your main source of providing shelter for yourself, while also protecting you from being an open target for bears! So choosing those that are of the right sizes are very important. If you were probably living in a world filled with magic and wizardry, then you could undoubtedly cast a spell and turn even the tiniest tents, in to those that are the most spacious (check out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!), but the reality we live in, isn’t as creative as that. And so, if you bought the tiniest tent thinking you could easily fit inside it, you are surely wrong and you most probably might look like that guy from Gulliver’s travel! So check the spaciousness of the interior well, before you go ahead and purchase just about any one!

The worst equipment ever Going fishing is one of the best things to do, if your camp out ground is close to a river or lake. But now imagine if your fishing gear online was about hundred years old and was lastly used by your great great grandpa who decided that he definitely had a knack for fishing when he couldn’t even catch a salmon! You are unquestionably doomed!! Not only would you not be catching any fish any time soon, you wouldn’t even be able to extend the rod enough to reach the lake, without it falling apart. So check your equipment beforehand. And this equipment could mean just about anything, it could even be the pump you plan on using to blow up your mattress! So test them out and make sure they are working well, especially if you want to avoid facing the horrible after effects of broken equipment!

Fashionably-late gone wrongApparently it seems cool to be fashionably-late for many things. But camping isn’t a place you should be trying this out. You need to make sure that you arrive at the site early as possible. This way you can set up all that is necessary without having to struggle in the dark with minimal light. This way you can also explore better places and clearer grounds to set up your camp site. Consider above and make sure that you avoid doing them in order to ensure that you have the best trip ever! fishing-gear